Equifax Breach

In todays Wall Street Journal there is an interesting article on multiple pages diagramming the security intrusion and the inability of one of the largest holders of private information in the United States to secure that information. Near the end of the article there is what I portray as a “very interesting” statement:

“Three Equifax officials, including the companies finance chief, sold a total of about $1.8 million in stock Aug. 1 and 2, according to securities filings. Equifax has said they didn’t know about the breach at the time of the stock sales.”

The attached graph of the price behavior of Equifax shows that someone knew something.

The Green verticals indicate a preliminary bullish indication while the green arrows indicate a purchase. Yellow line indicates a close of the current position. Red vertical indicates bullish sentiment , Red arrows says sell.

Price as of the close today, September 18, 2017